Part One | Overweight to Weightlessness

For the first leg of the journey I have a goal of losing 180lbs. I'm currently 320 and I started at 342 (08/17).

Simultaneously, I'll be going after a list of goals that I've wanted to accomplish every since I was young.

The List

1. learn to longboard (learn downhill)
2. learn to surf
3. learn to scuba dive
4. learn a handstand
5. learn to dance
6. learn to fight
7. learn to free dive
8. hike a mountain
9. learn parkour basics
10. lose 180lbs

I was told and/or talked myself into believing that I couldn't do anything, on that list, until after I lost weight. But I've learned, through stories, that isn't so true.

Stories are important because they can show us something about ourselves that we didn't know.

I learned about the possibility of achieving those goals now. Possibilities are enough.