Overweight to Weightlessness

An unconventional weight loss story

We're going to begin with my story. My name is Whitney and I am a 26 year old obese African American female living in Jacksonville, FL.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a professional skateboarder and eventually try my hand at downhill longboarding.

I also wanted to surf, parkour, snowboard and climb up the tallest mountains.

I wanted to be a ninja and have all the cool dance moves, haha.

I wanted to be strong, brave, caring and free.

But I've been fat for most of my life
and I was quickly told to be realistic.

At some point, I packed away those dreams deep down somewhere in my heart. Replacing them with doubts and fears. Allowing myself to use my weight as a measure of my abilities.

But, what would've happened if I had tried, anyways? Figured it out while I was an overweight kid with an unrealistic dream.

I can't go back but I do still have the chance to try.

I've never met a version of Whitney that lost all of the weight. I don't have a clear image of her just yet but I've now become a version of myself who knows the reasons why she wants to live a healthy life and how she plans to achieve it.