This series exists to inspire and encourage young people to live their story.

With an aim to:

Show how our stories can impact each other and why they're important too live.
Encourage young people to reach out and choose life instead of suicide.
Spread a positive and encouraging conversation about mental health.
Show the importance of finding/creating your path to crafting your best life.

We're going to begin with my story. My name is Whitney and I am a 26 year old obese African American female living in Jacksonville, FL.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a professional skateboarder or a downhill longboarder.

I also wanted to surf, parkour, snowboard and climb up the tallest mountains.

I wanted to be a ninja and have all the cool dance moves, haha.

I wanted to be strong, brave, caring and free.

But I've been fat for most of my life
and I was quickly told to be realistic.

At some point, I packed away those dreams deep down somewhere in my heart. Replacing them with doubts and fears. Allowing myself to use my weight as a measure of my capabilities.

What would've happened if I had tried, anyways?

We can't go back but we do still have the choice to try.


That is exactly what we're going to do. Recapture those dreams. Despite the weight and any other reason, one would think I wasn't capable of achieving those goals.

I am using myself as an experiment/example of how to craft yourself and life. Moving through my weight loss journey while learning the sports and experiences I dreamed of doing when I was young.

1. learn to longboard (learn downhill)
2. learn to surf
3. learn to scuba dive
4. learn a handstand
5. learn to dance
6. learn to fight
7. learn to free dive
8. hike a mountain
9. learn parkour basics
10. lose 180lbs

I was told and/or talked myself into believing that I couldn't do anything, on that list, until after I lost weight. But I've learned, through stories, that isn't so true.
Stories are important because they can show us something about ourselves that we didn't know.

I learned about the possibility of achieving those goals now. Possibilities are enough.