The Objective

capture and share the journey of creating oneself

Sharing the story of understanding. Understanding yourself and understanding the world around you. And how developing that superpower can give you the freedom and the happiness you’re searching for.

Chapter one

Is it crazy to believe I can longboard over a 500 or even a 1000 miles? I've had this feeling of wanting to show myself what it is I'm capable of. Watching and reading the stories of people who, despite their limitations, they created a path through their uncertainty. Through their uncomfortable maze to reach a place of understanding something new about themselves. That they were a whole lot more badass then they realized.

Our greatest and most underutilized superpower is understanding. The act of understanding gives us the ability to let go of fear.

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I want to hear and share other humans stories while I'm crafting my own. If you're on your own journey of Recapturing Life connect with me.

I want to hear from you and I'll need your support along the way. Please connect if you want to help out, join in, have questions or any general inquiries.